The Dream Behind It All

<< 1 kings 17:16 >>

The purpose of this blog is to show friends, family and the world all of the treats, parties and cakes we have been creating and sharing with those around us. 
The aim of flour & oil is to bless others’ lives
Sounds simple, yes? We both love to throw parties, give gifts, bake and brighten people’s days. Our hope is that through regular orders, we might take any left over money to create beautiful things, that would bless others’ lives, just because! 
Flour & Oil seemed like the perfect name. It took maybe a half hour to come up with it. Eli jumped up and shouted, “FLOUR AND OIL! Look it up! Where is that in the Bible?” And so I looked it up and read. It’s a story of a woman who had nothing. The prophet Elijah came to her and asked her for some food. She admitted that she only had but a tiny amount of flour and oil. Elijah told her that if she went and used it, the Lord would see it and add to it. The woman obeyed and in her poverty, still gave to Elijah, and her flour and oil did not run dry.
It did not run dry.
It was because of her obedience, humility and selflessness to give that the Lord blessed her. Jesus tells us that whatever we do to the least of these, we do unto Him. We hope to take on the same role, to give in belief that the Lord might bless it, so that we might bless everyone around us. We want to give to those who are both spiritually and physically hungry. 
So, read. And enjoy! Contact us if you want a cake, food or treat. We would love to bake you something for your next party, wedding, gathering, etc. If you’re reading this and thinking, “I would love to order something but don’t have the money” … you’ve come to the perfect place. 
Follow along with us, welcome to the party!

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