About Us!

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Maris and Elijah are engaged, living in Charlotte, NC, and spreading others through the simplicity and beauty of food.

Maris is originally from North Canton, Ohio, she now lives in the beautiful Queen City, Charlotte, NC, where she moved to obtain her degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, Food Service Management and Event Planning. Since a young age she knew she wanted to bake for a living. In 7th grade she can remember buying her first cookbook and being so captivated by its pictures. Upon growing older her vision has slightly shifted but it still involves treats, of course! Her hope for flour & oil is to throw parties for everyone  – regardless of social or economic status. She’s excited to see where it might take them, who it might bless along the way and all the different roles it might take on. When asked her favorite thing about food she would say, “I truly love the invitation it presents and the joy that follows. It’s a way to brighten someone’s day, to welcome them in and share a little bit of what you have. It’s beautiful.”

Elijah grew up in the great state of Texas. Four years ago he relocated to Charlotte, NC to pursue a degree in Large Scale Event Planning, Sports’ Entertainment and Event Management and Entrepreneurship. He says, “When I was only 3 years old my Grandma let me make my own birthday cake and I was allowed to eat all along the way. It was the best birthday cake I ever had. Then when I realized all I could think about was eating,  at the age of 10 years old, eating dinner I was thinking about tomorrow’s dinner, I knew I wanted to work with food.” His favorite thing about food is sharing it with other people. He looks forward to flour & oil being able to combine his gifts and talents to display the hospitality of kingdom, that God would use what little he has to affect the lives of all those around him.

One thought on “About Us!

  1. Your presentation and hospitality at last night’s Girl Set Free was something to behold. Your cakes are truly art pieces! Thank you for all you did as a couple to wonderfully top off our evening!


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