A Precious Gift – Celebrating Babies!

September has been a month full of celebrations for some of our favorite friends and some sweet newly-made friends! – starting right off with a baby shower for two of our dearest friends and soon to be the sweetest parents.

I think I speak for the both of us that the joy we receive from creating cakes and gifting them far outweighs the time and energy spent doing so. Each and every time it is like a thrill, it just never gets old.

Babies are an absolute gift. They are beautiful and amazing little humans from the moment they are conceived. All around us women are getting pregnant, some trying to get pregnant, others unable. I think we take for granted how amazing and precious the life of a baby is. When I start to think about it my mind gets overloaded. Just think – inside one human, another is forming who will be new in every way. They will have a unique personality, a fingerprint no one else has ever had, they are growing day by day, they’ll grow up and pursue so much and yet it’s dismissed. This is not a political agenda post – rather I’m just marveling at the beauty of a baby, of the way they grow and the endless future they have ahead of them. Does anyone else feel this way? They start out so tiny. We start out so tiny, I started out so tiny! They are sweet and precious, undoubtedly the most precious gift aside from our Salvation.

This baby is and will definitely be a precious gift to all that know her and the rest of the world.

Our first celebration of September was celebrating the soon to arrive (any day now!) baby Dresser. Elijah and I have been blessed in numerous ways by this baby’s parents through their hospitality, wisdom, joy and thoughtfulness. When we first came to Renovatus, Sarah was the first person we met and really got to know. If you know Sarah you know her spirit and her demeanor are so affectionate and loving. Anyone would agree that when around her you are put at ease and want her to keep telling fun stories so you can smile and watch her eyes twinkle. Then, she married a perfect match last year and together they are this dynamic duo – seriously, everyone needs friends like these two. They lead humbly and strongly with huge hearts that have turned our young adult group from a community into a family. SO – it was with such excitement that we threw a shower with the most talented, Julie Ford! (She has her own business, she’s a rockstar and has SUCH the creative eye ….if you want flowers you need to contact her! Just look at her page – can you say amazing???)

The shower was a surprise and surprises are my favorite. Cake trio for baby Dresser!Cake trio!Cake TrioI hope there are babies around you, wherever you are, you faithful reader – they’re a gift of joy and life, may we never forget them.

-maris & elijah

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