Be grateful.


College graduation weekend has come and gone, and Elijah and I are now officially college graduates.

Before I tell you about the most wonderful weekend of celebrations, I need to back up to put into context the title. I have to admit that the week leading up to graduation felt absolutely insane. Crazy hours, irritating people, first time-nannying jobs, chasing newly met dogs for 45 min.

I’ll just stop there because that is not the point of this post, in fact it is quite the opposite.

A few weeks back Elijah so kindly reminded me that I needed to be grateful. I was somewhat irritated, only because I knew what he said was true, and sometimes truthful statements are painful. Typically, for whatever reason I am just naturally positioned to being happy. I see the good in things, I’m excited about little things like new crayons and sprinkles, I like to laugh and other silly things like that. For whatever reason the weeks leading up to graduation I was so consumed in naming all the things that were uncomfortable and irritating in my life. Now all of the things were true, very true and real, however I lost sight of a lot of the other true things in my life. I forgot to be grateful, grateful for each and every thing I have been blessed with.

To celebrate our graduation, Elijah and I threw a luncheon after the ceremony for our families. The day before as I was driving frantic, because I was late and overwhelmed, because heaven forbid, things were not going as planned, I started to cry because it was as if a switch had clicked and I remembered how faithful the Lord has been and how fortunate I have been to have been granted the last four years of my life. People tell you college is the best time of your life, it sounds so cliche and weird. Well, I’m sure great things are to come, but I really loved college. As I drove I made myself look back and bring to mind each and every wonderful adventure, friend and opportunity that the last 4 years of school brought to fruition. Amongst a myriad of combined memories are these few favorites – I made and found a better best friend, Damaris, that I could have ever hoped to meet. She was my freshman roommate, a tangible answered prayer that I so quietly prayed to the Lord, she brought life and joy to our little dorm room each day. I got to meet Eli. Isn’t it weird to think that if somehow you chose a different path you might not know who you know now? Kind of freaky. Oh but I met him and my heart has never been so full. Elijah got to visit Mozambique, a dream of his for a while, not once but twice. We had cool internships, found beautiful people in Charlotte, attend retreats, ate so many free treats and got to really enjoy, learn and grow.

I guess the point of my post is that it’s so easy to choose the sad and unfortunate aspects of our day – like hitting every red light, having to go to work at 3am or staying late to finish work, snapping a toothbrush because you bought the Dollar Tree brand or you were “inconvienced” because of some construction. It’s sad because I’ve done it and those days that I choose to do so, I think I waste. I’ve wasted time, energy and my heart. We need to choose to be grateful – to remind ourselves that we have more than enough, probably too much. We need to realize that all we really ever need is Jesus, that our wants, hopes and desires yielded to Him will produce truer joy than any fleeting moment of this life. So then I ponder why I chose the angry and bad. Nothing productive comes of it and the only person’s day I ruined was my own. Well I don’t want that. I want to enjoy life, I want to live it fully and loud. I want to share the joy that the Lord bestowed in me, to remember His faithfulness and to get a reality check that I am not the most important thing in life. Perhaps this should be entitled, be humble…

Regardless, the day of graduation was better than Eli and I had envisioned or hoped for. We were able to sit at a table with our most cherished and break bread together. We ate a spread of lox & bagels, charcuterie and cheese, fried chicken, mimosas, macarons, lemon bars, potato salad and watermelon salad. (We like to eat)

It was enjoyable and sweet and when we were all seated at the table it made me think how silly it was that I wasted a moment fretting about the 5 min. setbacks earlier in the week.

the spread

So, let us be grateful for receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Let us walk in a way that carries life and joy and shares it with each person we come into contact with.

May we celebrate the littlest of victories in life and hold fast that this life is for a moment and eternity is forever.

…and that eternity with the Father is greater than any sorrow of today.

Be grateful.

– maris & elijah


6 thoughts on “Be grateful.

  1. Congratulations, Maris! Seems like it was just yesterday that you baked that awesome cake for Silas, and now you’re a pro! the pictures look beautiful. Are you staying in the Charlotte area? What’s next for you?


  2. Love your perspective. I’m very proud of you and love to watch the woman you are becoming!! Maybe we will see you someday soon!!! Miss your sweet face!

    Liked by 1 person

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