Favorite Friends + New Beginnings

This spring has proven to be many things – eventful, full of fun, busy, treat-loaded, rainy and therefore lush.

At the end of March my cousin Katrina and Aunt Amy came down to visit on her spring break from OSU! We had a blast, to-do lists and all. We crossed a lot off and added a few more adventures here and there – like pizza at 12am because Krispy Kreme closes at 11:00pm, kind of heart-breaking. But who doesn’t love pizza?

Anyway, one of my most favorite take-aways from the week was getting to make the ginger cake out of Ruth Reichl’s beloved book, Delicious! If you love food, or just love a good book head on over to your nearest bookstore or library and buy this book. Reichl is a phenomenal writer and by far one of my favorites. She is a former food critic for The New York Times. This fictional book is about a young girl who takes on a job at the magazine Delicious! in New York City. She arrives in NYC at a time in her life when things are a little uncertain, she’s apprehensive and insecure just dying to fit in and forget about her past, which you as the reader will be dying to know for a majority of the book. Through a series of food-packed pages, adventures and relationship developments, the young girl finds a series of letters between James Beard and a little girl during the war, all about food, how to ration and what delicious things to make during such a hard time.

This is where it gets good – all throughout the book you read all about this amazing sounding ginger cake. Then at the end of the book, THE RECIPE IS THERE! Katrina and I read this book over Christmas break, the last time we saw each other. So naturally when she came down we instantly knew we needed to make this cake together.

It was as blissful and aromatic as the book described it to be with fresh ground ginger, peppercorns, nutmeg and cinnamon along with its rich bourbon syrup and tangy orange icing. Of course I had to take Kat to The Savory Spice Shop to get our spices. We walked away with fresh spices and much more. A neat find was the bourbon-barrel aged peppercorns, they complimented the syrup perfectly.

The day we made the cake just happened to be the first day of Elijah’s new job (which he will be writing about in the next few posts) It was such a wonderful day filled with two of my favorite people. Eli came for dinner and we had the best time eating fresh hand-made pasta from Pasta Provisions, where I took Kat earlier in the day, oven-roasted cabbage w/ blue cheese, bacon and balsamic vinegar and our favorite strawberry lemonade.

Life can be really busy and I think its so easy to get caught up in the to-dos and half to-dos. It’s much easier to say deconstructive and negative things. But it was a night like this that only one word could so perfectly describe: joyful. It was simple, ordinary and yet everything special. We could all choose to see the good and I don’t think that means you’re being naive or “not real.” In fact I think in acknowledging the good, the beautiful and happy you are seeing a lot more of the world than the ones who are stuck focusing on what’s wrong with it. Choose joy, it’s full of life and a lot more fun..and I think there is power in it.

 Kat @ pasta provisionsProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset   set-up  Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetcakeDinner set-up

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