Valentine’s Day of Years Past

I love Valentine’s day and am going to share with you the past two years’ celebrations so you can more fully appreciate tomorrow’s celebration, after I blog. If you’re single you hate Valentine’s day and it’s really a shame. Perhaps you go with the common, “it’s a hallmark holiday just to make money” or my favorite, you sling around slogans like “forever alone” and “pass the Ben & Jerry’s.” I was telling Eli how I wish this wasn’t the case. I reminisced about Valentine’s day in elementary school where you would decorate a box to receive valentines and then you would pass out valentines to everyone in the class. It was a fun day, music played, room-moms volunteered, there was an abundance of treats and everyone in the room was excited. What was Eli’s solution? He said we should recreate it. So that’s what we set out to do – to recreate your childhood Valentine’s day party. We invited everyone under the sun and hosted a valentine exchange complete with games such as eating doughnuts off strings and racing each other while opening hershey kisses with gloves.

Now you could take this and think, “Well isn’t that sweet.” …and then be done with it. However here is the beauty. We invited people we knew and people we didn’t know. Some of them were couples, others tag-alongs, people we saw in the elevator and we especially tried to seek out people we thought might not have plans. For a night all of these people got to participate in a fun time and more importantly they felt valued. I think each day, all around you, people are wandering about wanting to feel valued and to be accepted. They’re dying for an invite to someone’s house, because by inviting someone in you accept them and you serve them. They become your guest and almost instant friend because the home is a vulnerable place and once they’ve entered you non-verbally communicate many things – that you trust the person you let enter, that you want to share your time with them, that you’re interested in hearing their heart and so simply, because you wanted them to come.

We usually spent $0 on decorations and tried to deck it all out. The day is all about love – and who more accurately has shown us love than Jesus. So we had fun creating signs with verses from the Bible and our favorite songs. I think there is always space for Him and it was neat to have the undertones of His love for us streaming throughout the party.

First Year
welcome sign party roomvalentine's day

I am my Beloved’s and He is mine, come into my spirit and delight. Delight in me, delight in me.

Second Year

party roomimageimagethe hosts!I’m excited to get to share with you about tomorrow! So stay tuned. If you don’t have plans tomorrow, find some friends and make some!

Throw a party, everyday deserves one.

“…and the greatest of these is love” 1 Corinthians 13:13

– maris & eijah


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