Cakes are for eating

Hungry? Have a Slice.

This week, was a busy week for us, I had the honor of filling the first two paying cake orders of 2015!!

One for a wedding shower, the other for a birthday!

  • Cake #1 – Blush pink and white with sugar flowers. The cake itself was a fresh, soft, pink melon- flavored cake to celebrate the upcoming nuptials.


  • Cake #2 – A sophisticated black and white cake to commemorate 4 decades of life. One layer of vanilla sponge cake sandwiched between two layers of chocolate filled with white buttercream.

 40th birthday cake

What’s great about paying orders are they allow us to give extravagantly!
To feed the physically, spiritually and relationally hungry.

Today as I was thinking about what I should write about or how might I set the stage for this blog post, I was sort of at a loss. I am not quite sure of myself as a writer or a “blogger.”  I sat here in hesitation, paralyzed for a while by this feeling of inadequacy. It hit me, “You are a beginner! You just started! You probably do suck as a writer…so…

So I googled great food blogs and I read a lot. Believe me there is a ton out there to read. They were all unique and most of them focused on the food. They had individual styles and voices. At first I felt so unqualified to run with this crowd. But then…

 Then a wave of joy just hit me.  I was reminded that everyone always begins somewhere. Many times these beginnings are quite uncomfortable, perhaps awkward and even poor in quality. But you can always guarantee they’ll be humble ones.

That my friends I am more than okay with. It’s my hope that this story, our story and the content of these pages would be written in the ink of humility. That in both our words and work we could grow down not up. We could continue to become students not masters, learners not teachers, children not pessimistic adults. Today I feel like I understand who we are more than I did before I began writing this post.

This is not about being seen or known, it’s not about fame or recognition, our aim is not praise or popularity. All of these things are emotional and professional “empty calories” they don’t hold real nutrition or caloric value for your soul. We want this space and our work to be an offering. We want to pour ourselves, our gifts, talent, story and our treats into the world around us. We felt prompted to share what looks like here with everyone because we feel that out of this awkward season of learning to pour we might learn together. We might gain vision together. We might learn to love well together. I do not want to come to a place in life, in ministry, or creativity where I could think that “we’ve arrived.” I of course want to grow in skill, knowledge and quality not so that I could absorb any sort of glory but so that I may honor the goodness of God well.

With that being our ambition I will gladly enjoy leaning how THIS thing works.

Bring on the mistakes. Bring on the failures. Bring on the magic.

This is not our story, we did not write it. We are simply characters in His Novel and this is His script and we are the product of His Imagination, playing the eternal roles we were given with the creativity and passions He has sown into us. Existing, moving, serving, loving all at the pleasure of our King. This is what qualifies any of us to walk in our gifts and identities. This is who we are, it’s all we have.


“It’s my joy to love, it’s my joy to obey

You can have all my heart, You can have all my praise

I will give You my life, I will run hard this race

Reaching for the prize, I am Yours and You are mine”


Thank you for reading and for eating.

And a special thanks to Christina and Cindy for your orders and being a part of what we are doing. ​

– elijah & maris

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