Birthdays Are For Celebrating!

Happy Birthday to my Dear Aunt Loretta!

This last weekend was the birthday of someone dear to my heart. We all piled into a very beautiful ritzy restaurant to celebrate a very special lady, my Aunt Loretta – the place was filled with my immediate family, her siblings and most of her first cousins. For the last several years that I have been away at college and traveling I have missed some pretty important birthdays. In fact, I have not been present for any birthday of my closest loved ones for almost 3 years. Sad story I know. Meaning none of them have ever really gotten an awesome cake!! (Which is dumb) What’s the point of having this super-power if you can’t even use it make your family feel special?

That is why this CAKE is so special to me! 

I wish I could have made it much bigger. Unfortunately, the cake only needed to feed 20 people. I would have preferred to make it huge. I like giant cakes. I think they are better, nicer, cooler and awesome. I always say – the bigger the cake the better the cake.

This is the idea again. When I first started to learn how to make cakes, I thought is was just a way to make a buck. So for four years on and off I would whip up a cake for a few sporadic customers, but over the last 2 years I would say most of the cakes that I have made have been for free. Why?? I didn’t really know I just new the power of a cake gifted to some one who couldn’t afford it could have a spectacular effect. This little hobby and small talent I had really could make some one feel special.

I don’t think I really grabbed hold of just how mindful God is of every little thing he has intentionally placed inside of us.

When going back to Mozambique this second time, even after watching God open crazy doors, I still felt inadequate and didn’t think there were any practical gifts in me that could been useful on the mission field. In a conversation with God right before I was officially going I said out loud in unbelief, “What am I going to do there?? Bake them a cake?? I’m not an engineer or a doctor!”

Little did I know I would end baking cakes all over the world! I would be privileged to prepare food and treats for all sorts of beautiful people around me. It was where I came alive! Don’t get me wrong I love the whole sitting in the dirt and being with the poor but more than that I love sitting in the dirt and enjoying yummy treats with the poor. I love being able to give a part of my love, my joy and my gratitude all wrapped up in buttercream to the people around me.

He is mindful of every small quirky gift or talent inside of you. When yielded, when you yield every part of yourself and gladly learn to pour yourself out, the Lord will blow your mind on how and what He decides to use you for.

– elijah & maris


One thought on “Birthdays Are For Celebrating!

  1. Beautiful cake, Eli! Thanks for the reminder that we all have gifts to share, and that no matter how small or insignificant we may think they are, God will use them if we let Him!

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